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Welcome to the official worship place of the Holy Church of Bunny!

The supreme enrichment that our one and only true master of all, Thy Bunny, shallst give you be'ist beyond your wildest dreams. Expose yourself to Thy Bunny and you shallst live a long and plentiful life under the glorious radiant soft furryness that is Thy Great and Holy Bunny. Feel the wind through your hair, smell the soft sweet scent of a rose, taste the tongue-tingling sensation of a carrot in whole new ways with Thy Great and Holy Bunny!Don't delay any longer! Every second that is spent without the effulgent blessing of the Great Bunny is wasteful and inefficient. Join us! The choice is yours, but remember that if thy does not place thyself in the bosom of Thy Great and Holy Bunny soon, thy shallst be subjected to an extended and traumatic death by the loving wrath of Thy Great and Holy Bunny.

Come worship with us and Thy Great and Holy Bunny shalst perhaps decide to not brutally kill you then turn your body into a humorous ornament for its desk!

Thy Bunny LOVES co.nr domains!

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